Language Analysis Write Up – Own choice

Select one of the three issues (one that you have not looked at in much detail yet).

Choose TWO texts: one WRITTEN PERSUASIVE text and one VISUAL TEXT and compare the two in the following task.

In a coherently constructed piece of prose, analyse how the use of argument and language in both the written and visual texts are used to attempt to position readers in particular ways.  600-700 words

You are effectively creating your own sample SAC in the style of the paper on Canvas.


1. Log in to Canvas (via internet:

2. Go to course modules section.  There should be a blue banner – choose ‘Analysing and Presenting Arguments from the list.

2. Download ‘Sample Outcome 2 Task Paper’ – this is what the exam will look like.


Weeks 1&2 work: Language Analysis preparation (focus on reading) and The Secret River (focus on writing)

  1. Language Analysis preparation: read Chapter 2: Formulating and developing arguments and complete the following activities:2.1-2.5; 2.11-12; 2.14-17; 2.20-22c  Our next lesson on Language Analysis will consist of you presenting your issue orally (your main contention; major arguments; specific evidence) for peer assessment; 2.26 is the final exercise.                                                                                        This textbook and its activities are available in an online format so use the information on the inside front cover of your text to access the material.lang analyis code
  2. The Secret River Writing Task #1: Write a version of the encounter in ‘Strangers’ from the perspective of the aboriginal: 300 words                                                               The Secret River Writing Task #2: Write a version of a trial scene related to another of the convicted felons in the story. You should re-read the scene from the novel p.61-66 and read also Charles Dicken’s courtroom scene from Great Expectations  here for another example of a courtroom scene. 300 words