EXAM: Argument and Analysis Assessment details

There will be two components to the end of semester exam:

1. Comparative argument analysis (based on two or more texts at least one of these is will be a visual.

2.Presentation of an argument (a response to one of the three issues studied in the weeks leading up to the assessment)


Week beginning 22 May: three weeks prior to the exam (scheduled for 13 June), teachers will provide students with three common issues decided upon by the year level teachers.

Students are allowed to research material for the persuasive arguments.

Classwork will obviously involve practice argument and language analyses and points of view tasks set from these three issues.

The exam: ONE of the three issues will be set for the exam.

Only the print and visual texts will be on the exam paper. Additional material to support Part B will not be provided as students have had the three week lead up time to be conversant with the issues.


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