Language Analysis Holiday Reading Assignment

Your holiday task is outlined on the blog The Dress of Thought (link in the right side panel) which is where all our language analysis material is stored.

Allow 6 hours minimum for this task.  Do not try to cram it into the night before we return.

Searching, Locating, Cutting and Pasting: 2 hours (this time may be spread over a number of days as news emerges and opinions surface – it’s more interesting if you can follow your issue/s that interest you personally.

Reading and Thinking: 2 hours

Writing Style Guide: 2 hours (this is the tricky bit because you are synthesizing the information you have read; identifying patters in language, structure and style then converting this into a different form entirely (the style guide).  Your high level cognitive skills will be required so turn your social media off and do it properly.  This work will underpin all your argument analysis work for the whole of VCE.


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