Logicomix Analysis: brain boosters for deep deliberation

What do you really think about Logicomix?  Spend some time in deliberation about three of the following statements in pairs and take a position.  The path of your thinking may well take you into uncharted territory (sound familiar?).  Write a concise paragraph per statement which outlines the position you take on the issue and bevidence from the text that supports what you think.


To what extent do you agree with the following statements?

  1. “…a tragedy with logicians as heroes!” The writers fail to present Russell as having any enviable qualities. (1)
  2. Russell is an uncaring, selfish man. (4)
  3. Logicomix presents Russell as a man of superior integrity. (1)
  4. Russell is presented a voice of truth that goes unheeded – even by himself.
  5. Logicomix presents conventional relationships as stifling.
  6. Rationality wins over irrationality every time in Logicomix. (6)
  7. “As I became more and more absorbed in my work…I drifted farther and farther away from humanity’s concerns, small or large.”p.158 Logicomix teaches that in order to understand the world you need to step out of the world. (3)
  8. “The treasures of logic come at a price.” Logicomix suggests that the price of intellectual pursuit and development is too high. (10)
  9. Logicomix shows us that we must follow rules in order to live a happy life. (2)
  10. Logicomix shows us that humans are fundamentally irrational and we are beyond help. (4)
  11. Logicomix suggests that the search for certainty is futile and without value.(4)
  12. Logicomix highlights the need to assert order on the world as mankind’s curse. (1)
  13. Logicomix tells us that we should never accept “Ignorabimus” (p.152) (1)
  14. Logicomix says more about the development of ideas than it does about people. (4)
  15. Logicomix is so full of contradictions that it has no coherent message. (1)

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