Logicomix Conference 2018 Guidelines


CONFERENCE: Monday 20 February

In pairs, create a presentation about your theme or character. As a guide, choose three moments from the text which together reveal the establishment, development and realisation of an idea or a character.

Your presentation should:

  • be approximately 20-25 minutes in length
  • be centred around three questions you will devise to help you explore and discover something about the theme or character
  • include analysis of three key panels/pages which are crucial in revealing something about your character or theme
  • the examples should span three sections of the text
  • be presented using Google Slides (construction of this should be collaborative)
  • contain analysis of both the written and visual language of the text
  • connect with the other presentations and ideas of your peers

How can you provide a nuanced interpretation?

Consider setting up questions what will allow you to analyse:

  • the key ideas, characters and themes;
  • how the author constructs meaning through structure and language;
  • how the author’s views and values communicated.
  • how the author’s views and values communicated
  • how might the characters/themes/structural elements or language use be interpreted?

This is not a ‘divide and conquer’ project in which each person goes off separately and does their own thing.  You need to ensure that you work together to construct a coherent and concise analysis of your particular topic which is of the highest quality and is intellectually rigorous.  You should be prepared to answer questions from your peers.


Faith and Religion:

Logic and reason:

Certainty and the unknown:

Family relationships:

Storytelling and the construction of a narrative:

Death and destruction:

Mathematics, Philosophy and Science:


Suffering and learning:

Passion, instinct and emotion:

The ancient world vs the modern world:

Madness and Sanity:

Love and Marriage:

Maps and Journeys:

Knowledge and Wisdom:

War and Conflict:

Courage and Fear:

Order and Chaos:



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